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Turn Your Basement Into A Better Space

For many homes, the basement is a place for storage or chores. Perhaps you have a washer and dryer down there, or maybe it’s where you keep all of your wine and knick-knacks. But, just because that’s how you use it right now, doesn’t mean that it’s not full of potential.

With basement remodeling from Design Tech, you can transform the area beneath your house to make it much more inviting and livable. Why settle for a drab or uninspired basement when you don’t have to? Here are some things to consider for this construction contract.

What Do You Want From Your Basement?

In many cases, people tend to store whatever excess junk they have in the basement because it’s not made for any kind of activities. They can be dark, damp, unfinished, and cold, which limits how much time you want to spend inside them. Also, especially in Southern California, basements are usually pretty small, which further complicates any remodeling ideas.


Nonetheless, that shouldn’t stop you from taking on a new construction project. If you could do anything to the space, what would you prefer? Do you want a place for arts and crafts? What about a rumpus room for the kids or a lounge?


Let your creativity be your guide, then contact Design Tech to find out how we can make your ideas into a reality.

Start With the Basics

Does your basement have concrete for the floor and the walls? If so, then that should be your first step. Laying down carpet or covering the walls with wood paneling will go a long way toward making the space more livable.


From there, lighting will be your next step. If all you have is a single fixture in the ceiling, you will want to install new outlets or wires so that you can make your basement much brighter and more cheerful.


Contact Us

Reach out and talk to us about your ideas for your basement. We can come in and do an inspection and provide you with a quote to get started. Even something as simple as new carpeting can revolutionize your space and make it much more comfortable. See what we have to offer today.

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