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Pricing Your Next Bathroom Addition

For many households, one point of contention is always the number of bathrooms. Typically speaking, there are fewer bathrooms than there are residents, which means that there are many times where someone has to wait their turn to use it. If you’re tired of encountering this issue on a regular basis, then now is the time to find out the bathroom addition cost.

However, adding a new room can be quite the investment. As such, we want to look at the cost to add a bathroom - specifically, what elements you have to consider before moving forward with it.

Are You Converting a Space?

One crucial element to figure out is if you are going to be adding a bathroom to an existing space. For example, you could choose to add one to your master bedroom so that you are never too far away from a toilet. Overall, a conversion is more affordable than the cost to add a room to your foundation.

What Elements are Going to be Included?

Do you want to install a half bath or a full bath? The former is simply a toilet and a sink, whereas a full bath includes a shower or bathtub. You may be limited by the space constraints of your home, but it’s worth it to consider a shower remodel cost.

Finding the Right Space

Even if you know precisely where you want your bathroom, there may be a variety of elements that make it prohibitive to install it there. For example, perhaps running new electricity or plumbing through the walls will be impossible without doing some major restructuring.


Therefore, you will want to get a professional to come out and inspect your potential bathroom locations before you go ahead with the project. Doing this will not only provide you the optimal setting, but it can give you a sense of the final price.


Contact Us

We know what it takes to get a new bathroom into your home, and we will make sure that you are more than satisfied with the results. Call us for a consultation today, and we’ll provide you with the options you have that fit your budget.

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