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Fine Bathroom Design Solutions from Design Tech

Design Tech is specialized in fine interior solutions. We propose you a brilliant bathroom interior design.

There many bathroom patterns. Often bathroom interior designs repeat itselves. They follow the same creative ideas.

If you want a customized bathroom, our agency can help you. We do not copy. We individualize each of interior solutions.

How We Craft Our Bathroom Models

Here are the foundations of our business approach:


  • we listen to clients. Client is our priority;

  • we are not afraid to realize unusual projects. We can even propose bathroom makeovers in a surrealistic style if that is what client demands;

  • we employ fine interior architectural professionals. They know how with the help of marble, glass or other materials to create the necessary house atmosphere.


You will cooperate with professionals who master bathroom designs.

Our company does not follow the standardized solutions. Each bathroom pattern is developed according to client's individual taste. These principles define our work. They are basics. We meet any demand.

Basics of Bathroom Designs

The basic design principles of our company are the following:


  • there are no too small or too big house areas. Even a small area can become a true paradise. All is needed is high-quality interior design.

  • the design has to fit client’s personality. Some people like to read in the bathroom. So, the bath has to have enough space and light;

  • it is always possible to find an alternative. The key elements in bathroom designs are sink and bath. They have to be of the highest quality. For other elements, it is possible to find cheaper substitutes.


We are here to help you. In our mutual cooperation we will create a room you want it to be.

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