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Make Your Bathroom Shine

The average person spends more than a year and a half of their lives in the bathroom. A well designed, convenient bathroom can help set your mood for the rest of your day. Most experts recommend performing some sort of remodeling, including bathroom updates, every 5 years to optimize your living space. Whether you are a new home owner, or are getting ready to remodel, here are just a few bathroom remodel ideas for your home:

Save Time With Double Sinks: Are you and your significant other fighting over who gets the sink first? Or, maybe the kids are butting heads in the morning over who gets to spend more time in front of the mirror? If either one describes your situation, you’re not alone, which is why having two sinks has become so popular.

Enjoy the Wash with Shower Remodel Ideas: With the growing trend of self-care, a lot of modern bathroom shower ideas include a large, walk-in shower that is styled according to personal preference. You can choose between classic and modern tiling patterns and add built-in space for your favorite shower accessories. Another popular shower trend is swapping your curtains for a glass shower door to create a more open and relaxed feel. If you need a bit of extra privacy, you can opt for opaque or frosted glass instead of the clear alternative.

Play with Bathtubs: If you love a long luxurious bath, it may be time to add or expand your bathtub. With new designs, you won’t have to choose between enjoying some relaxing time in a bath and taking a quick shower. If, on the other hand, your bathtub is just another thing to clean every week and is rarely used, you can swap it out for larger shower space.

At Design Tech, we take pride in designing beautiful bathrooms that our customers love. Our experts have plenty of bathroom renovation ideas for bathrooms of all types and sizes. We will take into account your preferences and put together a plan that will leave you more than satisfied. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

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