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Update Your Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most private and intimate places within your home. While other territories such as the living room or the bathroom can be communal, the bedroom is typically only shared between partners. Experts recommend redesigning your bedroom every five years to take advantage of new styles. Whether you are buying a new home or remodeling, here are a few great bedroom design ideas to try.

Play with Spacing: If you have extra space that you don’t use that is adjacent to your bedroom, you may want to consider expansion. Having more space means more bedroom interior design options, a larger closet or even exercise space. Conversely, if you feel that your bedroom is too large, you can devote more space to an adjacent bathroom or office.

Add a Reading Nook: Whether you like to read or work from home, creating a reading nook can give you a quiet, creative space within your bedroom. While you can have a reading nook in other rooms, having one in your bedroom can help ensure that you have your own personal creative space. You can add lights and whimsical designs, or simply have cushions or a comfortable chair- the choice is yours.

Update Your Bedroom Interior: You should change your mattress on a regular basis, but you also have the option of changing your bed, furniture and decorations. If you’ve always wanted a certain type of bed or chair, there is no time like the present to experiment. If you like to update on a regular basis but don’t have the budget, you can choose several decorative sets to change with the seasons.

Spruce Up Your Space: Even if you absolutely love your bedroom exactly the way it is at this moment, you can change the décor without compromising the setting. Adding fresh wallpaper, carpeting or updating the floors is a great way to not only give your bedroom a new look without major changes, but also to help keep the overall value of your home.

At Design Tech, we take pride in creating beautiful, designer bedrooms that our customers love. If you are planning to remodel, you can find get new ideas simply by looking up “interior design ideas bedroom” for thousands of past and current trends.  Once you have your dream bedroom in mind, we will work with you to make that bedroom a reality. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

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