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How To Choose A Deck Builder

Building a deck is part of many people’s home remodeling dream.  Only the most patient and skilled people can build their own deck, though.  For most of us, it makes much more sense to hire a deck builder. The most important criteria in choosing a deck builder are qualifications and artistic vision.

What Qualifications Should Your Deck Builder Have?

Make sure your deck builder is the real deal before you let him get to work on your property.  A trustworthy deck builder will have the following things:

  • Liability insurance

  • Bond insurance

  • Workers’ compensation insurance

  • A license showing knowledge of current building codes

Any contractor who works on your house should willingly show you proof of his license and insurance.  Without these things, you are taking a risk on the quality of work. You are also taking a financial and legal risk.

Does Your Contractor’s Taste Match Yours?

The other important qualification for a contractor is more subjective, namely artistic vision.  The contractor who works on your house should be able to build a deck that matches your style. Look at examples of the contractor’s previous work on his website.  If your vision doesn’t match any of his previous projects, discuss with him how you want your deck to look. The best contractors will be upfront with you if you request a project that is outside your comfort zone.  They will want to do a project that they are sure they can do well.

Your best bet is to hire a skilled and trustworthy deck builder.

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