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Building A Garage In Los Angeles Has Never Been Easier

Designtech has made a name for itself with kitchen and bathroom remodels, but we also offer custom garage renovation.  Designtech applies the same standards of beauty, efficiency, and affordability to garages that it does to kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Things to Consider When Designing a Garage Remodel

  • How many cars do you plan to keep in the garage?

  • Do you need shelves or wall-mounted hooks for storing tools or sports equipment?

  • Should the garage be designed so that pets can come and go freely to and from the house, garage, and outdoors?

  • What is the budget for your garage remodel?

  • What rules does your homeowners’ association have about garages?

  • What kind of garage door mechanism do you want?  Is it important for the garage door to open and close quietly?  Do you want it to be easy for children to operate the garage door?

Choose Designtech for Garage Renovation

Designtech is a network of general construction contractors.  We work on residential remodeling projects of all sizes. With Designtech, efficient, organized work and affordable prices do not have to be mutually exclusive.  All contractors who work on Designtech projects are fully licensed and insured.

Designtech serves the entire Los Angeles area.  Whether you are remodeling a powder room in Beverly Hills or building a garage in Miracle Mile, you can count on Designtech to do the job well and complete it on time.  Contact Designtech to make your dreams of a spacious garage a reality.

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