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Designtech Helps Keep Your Home Addition Cost Within Budget

Los Angeles is practically synonymous with showy homes.  Perhaps the only thing that keeps LA homeowners from building extravagant home extensions to keep up with the Joneses and attract reality TV camera crews is money.  Home addition cost can add up very quickly.  With Designtech, though, you can have a satisfying home addition built for a reasonable price.

How Much Does a House Addition Cost?

The cost of your home extension depends on a variety of factors.  When you contact Designtech about your home extension or remodeling project, these are some things we might ask you:

  • Are you just building one new room or several?  A single room addition cost is much less expensive than building a whole new wing.

  • How separate do you want the new part of the house to be?  Building a new room for a new baby is one thing, but a finished basement or in-law suite is quite another.

  • The number of square feet is not the only factor in the house addition cost.  The complexity also matters.  Staircases and plumbing, for example, can cost more than empty space.

Why You Should Choose Designtech for Your Home Addition

Designtech offers home additions at affordable prices, but we do not skimp on quality or cut corners.  The entire process is transparent, and Designtech contractors are happy to show you their licenses and proof of insurance.  We care about building beautiful, social media-worthy home additions without breaking the bank.

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