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Minimalism Is Not The Only Way In Home Architecture

There is a recent trend in home architecture to make all homes look like loft apartments that belong to quirky but fastidious artists.  There seems to be an unspoken rule in interior design that all stuff is clutter, and clutter is tacky.  If simple elegance is your thing, you will find no shortage of interior design ideas in home décor magazines.  If you prefer a more vibrant, busier look, though, you may have to look to the past, or to your imagination, for inspiration.

Inspiring Home Interior Design Ideas Right Here in California

California has always been a trendsetter, and you can look to our state’s cultural legacy for some inspiration.  Here are some places you can find home design ideas right here in California:

  • The art deco hotels of Los Angeles

  • The gaudy color scheme of the creepy hotel in Barton Fink

  • The interior of Mickey Mouse’s house in the classic Disney cartoons (Overstuffed armchairs aren’t minimalist, but they are very comfy)

  • The Pepto Bismol Palace made famous in the movie Shut Up, Little Man

  • The Victorian architecture of San Francisco

Making Your Home Design Ideas a Reality

California is arguably the best place to take interior design ideas from your imagination and turn them into real-life rooms.  If you want something other than a cookie cutter McMansion, you will need to hire a construction contractor.  The right contractor, such as Designtech, can build you a kitchen island or a living room water feature. Interior design is about more than just furniture and decorative items.  The architecture, the parts that only people with engineering minds would notice, is a big part of what gives your home interior its distinctive look.

Contact Designtech to bring your home interior design ideas to life.

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