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How To Stay Sane About House Extensions

In the age of social media, you can brag with just a click.  In the old days, though, people had to show off by making their houses look impressive.  Even though it’s easier just to post pictures of your avocado toast brunch, house extensions have not gone out of style.  Adding house extensions is still a popular way of keeping up with the Joneses.  Remodeling your house is only worth the time and expense if you do it for the right reasons.

Why You Should Spring for House Extensions

There are plenty of perfectly sensible reasons to build house extensions.  These are some reasons you should add extra rooms to your house:

  • You need an in-law suite because your in-laws just retired

  • You need a new room for your new baby

  • You want to rent out your finished basement

Why You Should Not Spring for House Extensions

House extensions are a lot of work.  It is risky to build them for reasons that depend on speculation.  Here are some reasons you should not build them:

  • The extensions might increase the resale value of your house

  • Party guests and Facebook friends might be impressed with your remodeling work

  • Having more rooms might help you declutter your house

It is only worthwhile to build extensions to your house if you are sure you need them.  New rooms do not make a house a home. You should only build extensions if you are sure it is a sound financial decision.

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