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Beyond Cubicles: Office Design For The 21st Century

Daydreaming about remodeling and decorating your house is a time-honored pastime.  The rich characters in The Bonfire of the Vanities devote countless pages to admiring the interior design of each other’s houses.  However, office design does not occupy such a lofty place in the popular imagination.  If you are opening an office, you should consult an office design contractor. Just as work doesn’t have to be boring, offices don’t have to be ugly.

Moving Beyond Office Design Stereotypes

When you think of office design, you might think of a soul-sucking cubicle farm.  Of course, not all offices have the ugliest-of-all floor plans. The opposite stereotype is the too cool for school tech startup.  Picture an office with a ping pong table instead of desks. Picture the Atari offices where the ill-fated ET game originated in the early 80s.  There is much more to office design than that.

Keep It Simple with Office Design

Companies with a huge decorating budget sometimes go overboard decorating their offices.  These are some of the fancy décor items you might see at a high-end law firm or talent-recruiting agency:

  • Fountains and other water features

  • A floor-to-ceiling marble entranceway

  • An indoor koi pond

  • Color-changing LED lights

You can make your office look stylish without making it look like a South Beach hotel.  There is a middle ground between the hideous cube farm and the over-the-top fashion plate office.  Consult an office design contractor to find your perfect office.

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