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Prefab Homes Deserve A Better Reputation

Many people have the childhood memory of seeing a house on the back of a truck during a road trip.  Children are amazed by the sight, but parents dismiss the strange cargo as “prefab homes.”  The children insist that the thing on the truck is not a trailer but a real house.  In fact, prefab homes are real houses. They are a practical choice for many homeowners.

Dispelling Stereotypes About Prefab Homes

Those in the know do not call such houses “prefab homes” at all.  Instead, they use the term “modular architecture.” This might sound like doublespeak, like that Simpsons Halloween episode where Bart remarks that zombies prefer to be called “living impaired.”  Houses constructed from pre-built parts work just as well as houses built from scratch.

Prefab Homes Can Save You Time and Money

Prefab homes have the reputation for being cheap and poorly constructed.  They do, in fact, cost less than conventionally constructed homes, but if done right, they are just as strong.  Another good thing about them is that they can be built more quickly.  Therefore, they can reduce the time that you rent an apartment or stay with relatives during the construction of your house.

Houses made of pre-built parts do not preclude uniqueness, either.  It is only the basic frame of the house that fits a mold. Everything inside the walls of each room is unique.  When you are inside the house, you don’t even notice that it is prefab.

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