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Stunning Trends In Restaurant Interior Design

It is silly to go to restaurants and post pictures of your food on social media.  Your friends seeing the pictures cannot taste the food.  It makes more sense to post pictures of restaurant interior design.  The people seeing the pictures can enjoy the same beautiful restaurant interior design that you enjoyed.  In fact, when they go on to open a restaurant, they can take these design trends as inspiration.

South Beach-Inspired Restaurant Interior Design

South Beach in Miami has some of the weirdest and most gorgeous examples of restaurant interior design in the world.  These are some of the wonders you will see in South Beach restaurants:

  • An aquarium full of jellyfish, lit from behind in red

  • Cast iron dining tables in the shallow end of the beachfront entry swimming pool, with Victorian candelabras on top

  • Couches that are way too big in proportion to the people sitting on them, Alice in Wonderland style

A Little Restaurant Interior Design Goes a Long Way

Most people don’t have the budget to decorate restaurants like the ones in South Beach.  Here are some relatively inexpensive restaurant interior design ideas that will make your restaurant look unique without breaking the budget:

  • Year-round Christmas lights on the patio

  • Picnic tables indoors

  • A bold color scheme, such as citrus colors

  • Booths separated by screens

  • Water features

It is worthwhile to invest money in designing and decorating your restaurant.  Ideally, customers will come for the décor and stay for the food.

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