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Looking For Room Design Ideas In All The Wrong Places

Where do you look for room design ideas?  Do you read interior design blogs or flip through magazines in the waiting room of the dentist’s office?  Do you visit model homes even though you don’t plan to move? If so, you are limiting yourself to the most obvious places to look for room design ideas.  You will end up with a house that looks like everyone else’s house. In order to find room design ideas that not everyone else has already thought of, you must think outside the box.

Looking to Places Other Than Houses for Room Design Ideas

There is no rule saying that you must decorate your house like other people’s houses.  Public places can also be a source of inspiration for home design and décor. These are some places you can find inspiration for how to design and decorate the rooms in your house:

  • Restaurants

  • Hotel rooms and lobbies

  • The waiting rooms of law offices and day spas

Start with a Theme

A room really feels like it is yours when it has a theme.  This theme can go beyond decorations and even include the architecture.  Look for inspiration in your travels and life experiences. For example, an Italian Renaissance-inspired living room never goes out of style.  If you are having a house built from scratch, you could have a Moroccan-style courtyard with a fountain and decorative tiles.

When you are designing rooms for your house, think beyond current trends.

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