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Planning For A Small Bathroom Remodel

A small bathroom remodel is a good place to start when remodeling your home.  Small bathroom design ideas don’t get lots of press, because it’s an unassuming room.  Even though no interior design has gotten famous designing small bathroom sinks, perhaps they should.  Once you appreciate the beauty of the small bathroom, it is easy to get small bathroom remodel ideas.

Why Start with Small Bathroom Design Ideas?

There are plenty of reasons to start your home renovation with the small bathroom.  Whether you call it a half bath or a powder room, here is why you should start with it:

  • It is the smallest room in the house.  Therefore, remodeling it will be less expensive to remodel.

  • Guests are more likely to visit the half bathroom than any other room in the house.

  • You can still use your other bathrooms while your small bathroom is under renovation.

Keep It Simple with Small Bathroom Renovations

The beauty of small bathroom renovations is that they do not have to be elaborate.  The only things a small bathroom really needs are a toilet and a sink.

Small Bathroom Sinks

Only weirdos post pictures of toilets on social media, but sinks are something to show off.  Choose an elegant sink for your newly remodeled bathroom.

Discuss Your Small Bathroom Ideas with a Contractor

Remodeling your small bathroom can give you a feeling for what remodeling your whole house will be like.  Even a small remodel project is noisy and dusty. If you are just dipping your toe into DIY, a small bathroom might sound like a good starter project.  Remodeling a bathroom, though, is more complicated than you think. You still have to worry about plumbing and electricity. If you make a mistake, it could lead to a flood.  If you set about to work on the bathroom remodel with a few buddies, you could easily end up as enemies before the project is finished.

Even a small remodeling project like a small bathroom requires professional expertise.  Discuss your ideas for your small bathroom renovation project with a professional contractor.

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